Man Born Without A Collarbone

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  • The small business owners were just so wholesome, I hope they are doing well in these difficult times

    SerenityUsagi77SerenityUsagi7721 dag sedan
    • gay

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    • Y

      VincentVincent10 dagar sedan
    • Eeeeeee

      ฯRainbow jellys FamฯฯRainbow jellys Famฯ17 dagar sedan
    • BLM when they see a Small business: BURNb

      Deano’s A.F.A Anti Furry ActionDeano’s A.F.A Anti Furry Action17 dagar sedan
    • same :`)

      Enrique GuevaraEnrique Guevara17 dagar sedan
  • Just imagine spinning that staff at mach 3 and accidentally hitting your face

    ????Timme sedan
  • LOL that bearable pun after the bear and cubs crossing the roads was great.

    Aman SreshtaAman SreshtaTimme sedan
  • everybody gangsta till the bo staff guy misses

    Boy vs GamingBoy vs Gaming2 timmar sedan
  • 0:32 hire that man to be Donatello

    zeddd 86zeddd 862 timmar sedan
  • The guy with no collar bone can do a mega B R U

    Mer GuzMer Guz3 timmar sedan
  • 0:50 i swear i saw the blade go threw him

    jahvon hansonjahvon hanson5 timmar sedan

  • 0:30 dont mess with him

    roblox pro vlogs.roblox pro vlogs.6 timmar sedan
  • The man without a collarbone can literally become an amogus character

    Guest is dedGuest is ded6 timmar sedan
  • Hey are you just stealing content and reposting it? Seems illegal no?

    RuxorRuxor7 timmar sedan
  • 0:42 how to over dramatacly move a bow staff from your right arm to your left

    Kristoffer Omar LappayKristoffer Omar Lappay8 timmar sedan
  • Cleidocranial diasostosis

    Abrar FayazAbrar Fayaz8 timmar sedan
  • 0:43 he would be a good star wars actor

    StealthmannStealthmann8 timmar sedan
  • 0:31 I think we know who the next Darth maul is

    GodzillaGodzilla9 timmar sedan
  • 0:31 - "General Kenobi!"

    stalincomstalincom9 timmar sedan

    power redpower red9 timmar sedan
  • The guy without a collarbone looks like the guy who teached me to skateboard on a ramp

    rackback 5rackback 510 timmar sedan
  • You can tell the staff guy is the edge lord where hes from but id chill with him.

    Drape Nailed TalaohaDrape Nailed Talaoha11 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    Saleh muneerSaleh muneer12 timmar sedan
    • 😡👊

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  • Guys it's a human trasformer

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  • The only guy that can suck himself

    Lexo69Lexo6914 timmar sedan
  • is he the boy from stranger things

    TRN KatKingTRN KatKing15 timmar sedan
  • Hugh decades are bnj

    Bana&Biana ChannelBana&Biana Channel16 timmar sedan
  • thumbnail is legs

    7 films7 films17 timmar sedan
  • I love how the jerboa left at the same time Daily Dose said “Later” at the end

    Ian BonlenderIan Bonlender17 timmar sedan
  • wow how can he did it

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  • Wow

    Dexter BramleyDexter Bramley18 timmar sedan
  • WHAT

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  • I saw the bear part on CN 10

    QuxzyQuxzy21 timme sedan
  • is the guy without a collerbone t jass?

    jack gorhamjack gorham22 timmar sedan
  • My friend has the exact same condition

    ty jensenty jensen23 timmar sedan
  • badlandschugs been real quite since those goats showed up 😳👀

    TristandagodTristandagod23 timmar sedan
  • its a lemur, not a monkey

    Juan MayénJuan Mayén23 timmar sedan
  • Wait so he's an invertebrate

    Dummy D dudeDummy D dudeDag sedan
  • 0:29 5 year-old me with the lightsaber toy that my mom bought me for my birthday:

    WayneGlensky 99WayneGlensky 99Dag sedan
  • who else saw mrbeast add when the vid started?

    Nikunj787Nikunj787Dag sedan

    Gifted Gaming - Games, Tutorials, and giveaways!Gifted Gaming - Games, Tutorials, and giveaways!Dag sedan
  • But he haves a Abs

    NazhLingNazhLingDag sedan
  • 2:21 my mom: wakey its time for school HURRY UP ME: 5 MINUTES MY MOM: GROUNDED 1 YEAR

    Zarizi Ab RahmanZarizi Ab RahmanDag sedan
  •’s Cleidocranial dysostosis these people usually are born with either underdeveloped or absent bones

    Dark SilverDark SilverDag sedan
  • 0o0

    Alfredo RodriguezAlfredo RodriguezDag sedan
  • -_-

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  • the bounceing rat be like:-_-_-_-_-_-___---__--__-__--_--___--------__--_--__-------__---__----__--

    Adalynn JenkinsAdalynn JenkinsDag sedan
  • IT'S CEEJAY: I've predicted who read this, we will become successful, Godbless 💛

    Cee Jay MLCee Jay MLDag sedan
  • I like how the person with no collarbone slaps his arm🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Da AbdullaDa AbdullaDag sedan
  • I didn’t know goats could drink sprite.

    Phil PhilPhil PhilDag sedan
  • Idk if anyone will remember this but that mice in the last video is the one that was in Coraline. Right??

    Anastasian MusicAnastasian MusicDag sedan
  • 😨😰😱

    Tamanna AnsariTamanna AnsariDag sedan
  • Me after seeing the guy with stick ↗↘↙↖⤴↕⤴↔

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  • its a creeper run!


    Riley FreemanRiley FreemanDag sedan
  • 0:12 s U s

    Khaleef SiddiqKhaleef SiddiqDag sedan
  • At first i thought tgis was some jakepaul shir

    Patrick TurnerPatrick TurnerDag sedan
  • The guy with the bow staff looks like it’s from mk11

    Manz Simeon Orville SatoManz Simeon Orville SatoDag sedan
  • The quiet kid after entering a 1 v 3 fight 0:42

    Pog ContentPog ContentDag sedan
  • 0:44 wow amazing

    Michelle ValencjaMichelle ValencjaDag sedan
  • Jake paul just keeps getting weirder

    Grigori RasputinGrigori RasputinDag sedan
  • erpan mna

    Kinun MCKinun MCDag sedan
  • Dustin has the same thing

    Toy BoyToy BoyDag sedan
  • Minecraft PvP players:

    Po6arPo6arDag sedan
  • I can't unsee this 0:22

    OOFbloxOOFbloxDag sedan
  • I need that mouse

    A FeraA FeraDag sedan
  • 0:30 The only hope to defeat General Grievous without needing a blaster.

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  • Thats justin

    fabiuh991fabiuh9912 dagar sedan
  • When a mouse becomes a kangaroo

    Broccoli DogBroccoli Dog2 dagar sedan
  • Hmmmmm very sus

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  • shesh

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  • Where is that school at

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  • the world is just too kind :) 1:16

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  • Bruh *clonk* bruh

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  • 1:16 monke

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  • My channel is called Yeatesplayz channel

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  • I cam here because i watched the youtuber erpan1140 video

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  • Got

    Berke ÇöptenBerke Çöpten2 dagar sedan
  • 2:13 unlimited source of wind energy

    Ragupathi ReddyRagupathi Reddy2 dagar sedan
  • Oh Nah

    coolertwins mihayocoolertwins mihayo2 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: That wasn’t the monkeys mom and that monkey is gonna eat that baby.

    CreationatorCreationator2 dagar sedan
  • 0:16 someone doing this to you at 2 am

    xXLordAyanXx GamingxXLordAyanXx Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • 0:19 I wanna know what that poor bottle did to that man

    Just Some Guy with a Mustache On His HeadJust Some Guy with a Mustache On His Head2 dagar sedan
  • f por la chica

    joan colljoan coll2 dagar sedan
  • The guy with no collarbones has what is called cleidocranial dysplasia, the kid in the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’ has the same condition.

    Joe SmithJoe Smith2 dagar sedan
  • First one is like a Seal

    Rebeat GamingRebeat Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • The guy after the man without a collarbone he can’t hit him with the bowstaff

    Aidan CastilloAidan Castillo2 dagar sedan
  • جرابيع كفو والله

    Yoru YoruYoru Yoru2 dagar sedan
  • 0:32

    Muhammad Zaim PahleviMuhammad Zaim Pahlevi2 dagar sedan
  • very very soon or later we will meet again

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  • *Lets admit it, this is probably 1 percent of our daily dose of internet.*

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  • CHILDREN wearings masks and cycling while being indoctrinated? Damn this world is sick... Really really sick.

    PannenTheKoekPannenTheKoek2 dagar sedan
  • +why dont you play with your cousins? my cousins: 0:15

    Jesús MillonesJesús Millones2 dagar sedan
  • The first guy remind of dustin from stranger things.....

    Nancy ChandraNancy Chandra2 dagar sedan
  • When u get turned down from the flag team in high school so u practice to show them what for

    Apple SauceApple Sauce2 dagar sedan
  • V

    Selina SendejasSelina Sendejas2 dagar sedan
  • I like how the school chairs vid was from people from all ages to kids to teens to even DOGSSSSSS

    Zinedine KoljenovicZinedine Koljenovic2 dagar sedan

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  • This is youuur daily dose of internet

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  • 0:29 darth maul got nothing on this guy

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  • the fact that the mother monkey hesitated to take back her child

    Aubrey FraszAubrey Frasz2 dagar sedan
  • 0:28 The force is strong with this one

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